ProBike Försäkring

Vi delar passionen med dig och hjälper dig göra drömmen verklig. Låt oss presentera våra suveräna och unika försäkringslösningar!

ProBike Insurance

We share the passion with you and help you make your dream come true. Let's present our superb and unique insurance solutions!

With top-class insurance solutions, a customer service that exceeds your expectations and a claims settlement that looks to your best, we at ProBike want to show that we care about our customers.

Together with Svedea, we offer ProBike motorcycle insurance where the common goal is to get you as safe and carefree motorcycle ownership as possible. The insurance can be purchased for all brands in connection with the purchase of new or used motorcycle from us.

You create your profile yourself by specifying who is running the motorcycle, what protective equipment is used and how the motorcycle is kept at night. The more careful the driver you are, the lower the premium you get. If you are a member of SMC you will receive an additional 10% discount.

The scope is generous and prices and deductibles are low.

In addition, there are a number of unique benefits that:

Nyvärdesersättning 24 months for the first owner
Enhanced financial protection for your motorcycle upgraded
accessories and additional equipment is always up to 80,000 crowns
Rescue Assistance round the clock without excess
Faster replacement in case of theft
arrest Compensation for compensable injury

Svedea also shows that a specialist company can make a difference. Svedea's goal is clear - to be the best in the class. Behind Svedea stands Inter Hannover, wholly owned subsidiary of one of the world's largest reinsurance companies - Hannover Re. Read more about the company at