Financing new or used MC

Financing new or used MC

ProBike Finansiering.

I vårt jobb har vi den stora fördelen att vi får och kan förverkliga drömmar! Ett av de viktigaste redskapen för det är en unik och förmånlig finansiering.

ProBike Financing.

In our job we have the great advantage that we get and can make dreams come true! One of the most important tools for this is a unique and favorable financing.

ProBike Loan (consumer and business)

Installment - our most common loan that makes it easier than you think to realize your dream! You may want to pay for your new or used motorcycle for an extended period of time? Or do you already know that you will change to a new high in a few years? Because the brands we sell have good second-hand value, we can offer to add residual values to your motorcycle and we can therefore offer the industry the best and most advantageous financing solutions. The interest rate is deductible in the declaration by 30%. Contact us and we will help you find the absolute best solution for you.


Who: Consumer & business

Time: The contract period varies between 12-96 months.

Cash: The cash contribution is statutory at least 20% (applies to consumers) and it is calculated on the price of your motorcycle including any extra equipment. The cash contribution can also be paid in the form of an exchange.

Payment: You pay monthly and you choose whether it is by bank or direct debit. You can also make extra mortgages and redeem your loan early without any extra charges.

Residual debt: Your motorcycle (new or used) has a good market value even after the end of the contract, so there is the possibility of having a residual debt on your ProBike Loan. The size of the residual debt varies depending on the contract period.

Example: at 36 months, the residual debt is max 50% and at 84 months the residual debt is max 10%.

Your ProBike store helps you to get to a good level so that the surplus value between residual debt and market value can cover, for example, the down payment on your next motorcycle. Of course, after the end of the contract period, you can extend your loan, switch to a new MC or simply settle your outstanding debt.

- After the end of the contract period, you can of course extend your loan, switch to a new motorcycle or simply settle your outstanding debt.

- Go into the vehicle you are interested in and figure out yourself a financing scheme that suits you! Come in to us today and we can do a credit check!

ProBike Leasing (companies)

Leasing - Your company pays a leasing fee and you pay for the use in the form of the benefit value. ProBike Leasing is generally a simple and economical way of financing the company's transportation needs. In most cases, deductible VAT applies to the leasing fee (50%), freedom of choice in time and residual value, the company receives a good financing solution that does not bind capital or strain existing credit facilities.


Who: Business

Time: The contract period varies, but is normally 36 months.
Special leasing fee: Also called "first increased rent" and reduces the leasing fee over time, usually 20% of the motorcycle price.

Credit message: In most cases, you get a credit message directly from your ProBike seller.

Payment: Your lease fee is invoiced monthly in advance and you can choose to pay by bank or direct debit. ProBike Leasing is offered with annuity with a straight payment plan.

Residual value: The lease agreement is normally arranged so that the residual value corresponds to the residual value of the motorcycle after the end of the contract period. Your ProBike store is happy to recommend a realistic level based on time, mileage, area of application, make, model, and expected market value etc.

- With us, you can also soon supplement your financing with ProBike Loan Protection, which is an extra security insurance for your ProBike Loan. Should unemployment, incapacity or accident etc.. get up to date and your ability to pay is protected through the loan protection. Soon we can tell you more.

- We will also be able to offer to add ProBike Service agreements to your financing. It's perfect for those who want control over your spending. You pay a fixed sum per month for future service. When the time comes, you leave your eye stone to us free of charge because you pay for the service costs monthly.